Frontline Managed Services

Bitphase IT Solutions would like to introduce an exciting new service model called “Frontline Managed IT Services”. Perhaps the best way to describe Frontline is by contrast...

Most of you will likely be familiar with what is sometimes called the “Break-Fix” model.
  • A monthly fee gets you scheduled onsite service. You must wait for problems to be fixed.
  • Emergencies may not be handled in a timely fashion. They will cost extra.
  • Downtime and wait time cost you even more money.
  • Service provider benefits from your misery.
Now, let's contrast this with the “Managed Model”:
  • Your systems are monitored 24/7/365 to prevent problems. This ensures that vital processes like backups are actually working!
  • If a problem does occur it is dealt with immediately at no additional cost.
  • If a problem is found with your system or another of our clients, we will make pro-active changes to reduce or eliminate the chance of it happening again.
  • Our goals and yours are aligned by design. We cannot pass on the costs of a problem.
Using state of the art software, a host of vital signs concerning your PCs, servers and network are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Fact 1:
  • Small-to-medium businesses (SMB's) report an average of over 50 hours of lost productivity per employee per year due to IT problems.
Fact 2:
  • 93% of IT problems can be proactively addressed via remote administration before they turn into performance problems, downtime, loss of data or security breaches.
Fact 3:
  • Current IT support providers profit when you face more IT problems rather than less!!!

These items (such as whether your virus and spyware programs are up to date and functioning, warnings in your Windows and Server log files, print services, backup services to name but a few) have been chosen because if they are functioning correctly, your hardware and network are running smoothly. Should one of these monitored items indicate a problem, our technician will address the issue (very often before you are aware that a problem may exist) remotely and immediately. In this way, problems are headed off or nipped in the bud before they can blossom into downtime.

We are always available over the phone and can remote into any computer under our charge in a matter of minutes. Your staff won't have to waste time describing a funny thing on their screen, much less try to book us to come in for an emergency repair. As we said above, many times we will have identified and corrected a problem without you even being aware of it. In addition, we will make proactive changes if we can see that such a change will reduce or eliminate the current problem from re-occurring.

Should you need to report a problem, our software comes with an easy to use web-based problem submission and tracking system. We would be happy to assist in filling out a trouble ticket if you prefer.

Keep in mind, the 24/7/365 monitoring service, our intervention if we notice or are made aware of a problem by your staff and the reporting system are all part of our Frontline Managed Service. They require a simple agreed upon monthly fee. No surprises.

We like to say that your needs and ours are aligned by design. We want your systems to perform flawlessly since we cannot pass along the costs of fixing any problems that might pop up.

In addition to dealing with any problems that might occur, you will benefit should another company under our charge experience a problem. If a method is found to eliminate the problem in their shop, it will also be applied to your systems, thus heading off any potential downtime before it has a chance to rear its ugly head.

Delivering the Critical Services and Support
Bitphase provides support for your entire infrastructure including networks, servers, databases, applications and workstations. Our proven expertise in the design, deployment and support of your business-critical applications and computing environments will relieve the burden of managing your IT. Ultimately, saving you money and assuring the level of service you require. Bitphase supports your IT infrastructure over the phone, through on-site visits, or even remotely via the web.
  • Server support
  • Desktop support
  • Network support
  • Smartphone/PDA support
  • Remote user support
  • Hardware purchasing/lifecycle

Server & Network Management Desktop Support Security Management
Windows NT/2000/2003 Server support and proactive maintenance. Regularly deploy patches and update virus definitions. Proactive firewall maintenance and troubleshooting when problem arises.
Troubleshooting any alert that arises while monitoring systems. Perform desktop tunings like Defrag, Scandisk, Paging file optimizations, bottlenecks etc. Continuous filtering for bugs, Spyware, Malware and other threats.
Weekly check for viruses and event logs to identify problems and troubleshoot them. Deploy updates to software and service packs. Proactive monitoring of e-mails for spam and viruses before they can affect the system
Check and patch-up all security holes and verify data backup. Support for Microsoft off the shelf products and third-party applications.  
Management of all hubs, switches and other network devices. Extend end-user technical support.  

Preparing for the Unexpected
Protecting your data and your clients' data is critical. And as devices, systems and networks become more complex, there are simply more things that can go wrong. Interruption of service or loss of data due to an unexpected disaster can have serious financial impact, whether directly or through loss of customer confidence.

You know you need to keep your environment safe and secure, but you may not know all the potential security holes and how to address them. Bitphase can help.

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) vary from one business to the next depending on the level of security needed. Bitphase has been helping Ottawa businesses analyze their IT environments to identify gaps and vulnerabilities, then prioritize accordingly. Our professional team will work beside you to customize a BCP / DRP to reduce downtime and loss of data should the unfortunate disaster happen.

As a leader in hard disk data recovery services, Bitphase is able to recover data from hard disk drives where most companies in our industry have failed. Our hard drive recovery specialists are truly data recovery experts, with the necessary tools and proven in-depth knowledge of hard-disk technologies to ensure your data is recovered successfully.

For a free IT health check, please call us at (888) 775-1061 or contact us.

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