Data Recovery

Bitphase offers Certified hard drive data recovery services and solutions for all types of hard disk drive crash and data loss types. We don't just recover data, but also offer more service options and tools to salvage than most in the industry. We maintain the highest industry success rate and are often able to recover data most of today's "recovery" technicians and shops simply call unrecoverable.

Salvage the unRecoverable
Bitphase is the leading experts, specializing in professional hard drive data recovery, we support and recover data from all disk drives of all makes, models and sizes, from the latest quarter-sized mircodrives to the oldest Bigfoot ATA hard drives. Bitphase engineers use the latest technical expertise, methods combined with years of industry experience to produce first-rate results you can count on. So whether you're a home user, an IT professional, trust that Bitphase is the leading knowledgeable source and choice for salvaging your unrecoverable data.

Hard Drive Recovery
At Bitphase we've found that mechanical and electrical failure along with software corruption and human error often plays a major role in data loss, however regardless the cause of failure, you can trust the experts at Bitphase to successfully salvage and recover your lost hard drive data.

Logical Physical Disasters
Deletions Head Crash Vandalism
Virus Infection Media Damage Sabotage
Corruption Electrical Damage Power Spike
Lost Password Controller Error Power Shortage
Damaged/Overwritten MFT Actuator Failure Fire
Lost Partition structure Damaged Motor Flood
File Deletion Bad Sectors  
  Heat Related Failure  
  Dropped cracked casing  

Operating Platforms and Drive Makes

We salvage and recover data from all modern and legacy operating platforms and makes.

Operating System OEM Makes
Windows Vistas 2003 Western Digital
Windows 2000 Maxtor
Windows NT Seagate
Novell Hitachi
Linux (All Distributions) Fujitsu
UNIX-Solaris, IBM AIX, HP UX Toshiba
Mac OS Lacie

All Modern and Legacy Hard Disk Drives
Our engineers support and work on all disk based I/O interfaces, IDE, SCSI, ATA, SAS and SATA standalone or RAID array configured disk sets.

RAID Hard Drive Types
EDSI USB Firewire
Fibre Channel    

OEM Authorized and Warranty Safe
Bitphase is authorized by all computer and hard drive manufacturers (Dell, Western Digital, IBM Maxtor and more) to salvage and recover data from their OEM products. We guarantee that our services will not void your original warranty.

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